What Does Tyh Mean On A Scratch Ticket (2024)

1. [PDF] Colorado Lottery Scratch Validation Codes

  • Colorado Lottery. Scratch Validation Codes. $1 - ONE. -. $2 - TWO. $3 - THR. $4 - FOR. $5 - FIV. $6 - SIX. $7 - SVN. $8 - EGT. $9 - NIN ... Movie Tickets - MOV.

2. Scratch Prize Ticket Codes - Colorado Lottery

  • Check out where the letters are hidden on the above "uncovered" ticket. Looking at the Validation Codes, do you know the prize of this ticket? $4 Billion ...

  • Game Tools / Scratch Prize Ticket Codes

3. How to spot a lottery winner - The News-Press

4. Massachusetts Scratch Off Codes

  • 3 feb 2022 · hi does anyone know if OIR or TYH mean anything on the scratch off codes for dimond bingo $2 ticket in massachusetts? ... One has a code of tyh ...

  • $1.00 ONE  OEN, NOE, NEO, EON, ENO  $2.00 TWO  TOW, WTO, WOT, OTW, OWT  $3.00 THR  TRH, HTR, HRT, RTH, RHT  $4.00 FOR  FRO, OFR, ORF, RFO, ROF  $5.00 FVE  FEV, VFE, VEF, EFV, EVF  $6.00 SIX  SXI, ISX, IXS, XSI, XIS  $7.00SVNSNV, VSN, VNS, NSV, NVS $8.00 EGT  ETG, GET, GTE, TEG, TGE  $9.00 […]

5. [PDF] Scratch Ticket Game No. 1830

  • I. Non-Winning Scratch Ticket - A Scratch Ticket which is not programmed to be a winning Scratch Ticket or a Scratch Ticket that does not meet all ...

6. MA Lottery Ticket mystery.... - Straight Dope Message Board

  • 21 jul 2011 · In MA, the Lifetime Spectacular scratch ticket ... V N F, N E W, T R E, T Y H (each set of ... My guess is that unscrupulous retailers would ...

  • or maybe I’m an idiot. In MA, the Lifetime Spectacular scratch ticket is a simple number-matching ticket with three symbols that increase your winnings. However there are also certain letters that are reveled under the numbers on certain tickets, for example: V N F, N E W, T R E, T Y H (each set of three is on a different ticket, and each letter is alone in a window under a number). These letters appear on both winning and non-winning tickets…but I’m wondering if you can win just based on th...

7. What are the winning and losing codes on a Massachusetts lottery ...

  • 21 dec 2013 · What club did MrPhileas Fogg belong to? What are are short call options? What does pending mean on a lottery ticket? Can smoking pot cause ...

  • one two thr for fve six svn egt ten ftn twy tyo 21 twf25 try 30 frt 40 fty 50 svy 70 ohn ofy 150 hft 150 thn 200 thf 250 trn 300 frn 400 fhn 500 - OVER 500 HAVE LOSING CODES

8. Scratch-off Stats - Hoosier Lottery

  • Hoosier Lottery Scratch-offs offer a wide variety of price points and top prizes. The table below shows the game name, top prize amounts, remaining top prizes, ...

9. Game No. 1822 - Winners Galore - Texas Lottery | Scratch Tickets Details

  • Win A Prize on Every Ticket! Prizes from $5 to $500,000! Pack Size: 25 tickets; Guaranteed Total Prize Amount = $225 per pack; Overall odds of winning any prize ...

  • Scratch Tickets Details

What Does Tyh Mean On A Scratch Ticket (2024)
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