Train From Bronxville To Grand Central (2024)

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  • Metro-North serves customers throughout New York and Connecticut on our Hudson, Harlem and New Haven lines, including our Port Jervis and Pascack Valley lines.

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  • View print schedule information for MNR East of Hudson Harlem, Hudson, New Haven line trains and West of Hudson Port Jervis and Pascack Valley lines.

  • View print schedule information for MNR East of Hudson Harlem, Hudson, New Haven line trains and West of Hudson Port Jervis and Pascack Valley lines

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  • Metro North-Harlem Line train at Bronxville. Photo by Peter Ehrlich, September 2006. Contents. 1 Station By Station; 2 Photo Gallery; 3 Photos By Location ...


  • TRAIN SCHEDULE GRAND CENTRAL-TARRYTOWN. MTA Metro-North Railroad Schedules. East of the Hudson River. GRAND CENTRAL TO TARRYTOWN. SUNDAY. MTA Metro-North ...

6. HL / Bronxville - TSW Service Mode Timetables

  • Bronxville. All Tracks. Track 1 Track 4 · Departures · Arrivals. Train ... Bronxville, Tuckahoe, Crestwood ... #599: Grand Central Terminal Track 20 - North White ...

  • Trains departing from HL / Bronxville.

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  • Grand Central Mt Kisco. StopsNext departures ... Bronxville. 11:27 PM · Yankees-E 153 St. 11:25 AM ... How many commuter rail stops are there for the Metro-North ...

  • See next departure times, schedules, route maps and all stop locations for the rail

8. Yonkers, NY (YNY) - Amtrak

  • Train Station - Station Building (with waiting room) ... Designed by Warren and Wetmore, the grand neoclassical building opened in 1911. A recent $4.5 million ...

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9. Grand Central Terminal - Make Everyday Grand

  • New York, NY 10017 ... Grand Central Terminal's main entrance is 89 E. 42nd St. at Park Avenue. By subway: 4, 5, 6, 7, and S lines. By bus: M101, M102, M103, M1, ...

  • Make Everyday Grand. Grand Central is a globally recognized landmark embodying the optimistic spirit of NYC. A center for transit, architecture, shopping & dining.

10. Metro-North Announces Holiday Schedule For Trains | White ... - Patch

  • 21 dec 2023 · 31 — Metro-North will operate on a Sunday schedule. There will be additional outbound service from Grand Central Terminal operating after ...

  • Customers should check the TrainTime app or the MTA website to see if their normal train times have been adjusted.

Train From Bronxville To Grand Central (2024)


How much is the train from Bronxville to Grand Central? ›

Train or bus from Bronxville to Grand Central Terminal? The best way to get from Bronxville to Grand Central Terminal is to train which takes 40 min and costs $8 - $19. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs $1 - $3 and takes 52 min.

What train line is Bronxville on? ›

Bronxville station is a commuter rail stop on the Metro-North Railroad's Harlem Line, located in the village of Bronxville, New York, in Westchester County.

Does the LIRR go to Grand Central? ›

Grand Central Madison is a commuter rail terminal for the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) in the Midtown East neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City.

Does Amtrak go to Grand Central station, NYC? ›

Notable Amtrak services at Grand Central included the Lake Shore, Empire Service, Adirondack, Niagara Rainbow, Maple Leaf, and Empire State Express.

How much is a train ticket from Larchmont to Grand Central? ›

Metro-North Railroad (MNR) operates a train from Larchmont to Grand Central Terminal every 30 minutes. Tickets cost $8–20 and the journey takes 43 min.

How do I check the train schedule? ›

Visit the RailMitra website or download the RailMitra app from the Play Store. Navigate to the 'Train Schedule' option. Enter Train Number or Train Name in the 'Train Schedule' box and select the desired train from the autosuggest options.

Is Bronxville a part of NYC? ›

Bronxville is a village in Westchester County, New York, United States, located approximately 15 miles (24 km) north of Midtown Manhattan. It is part of the town of Eastchester.

What railroad line runs through Grand Central Station? ›

Metro-North Railroad

Metro-North runs between Grand Central Terminal and suburbs in New York state and Connecticut via three lines—the Hudson, the Harlem, and the New Haven.

How to pay for NYC subway? ›

Tap OMNY or swipe a pay-per-ride MetroCard as each person enters. Tap a contactless credit or debit card, mobile device, or OMNY card at OMNY readers to pay the fare. Swipe your MetroCard with the logo and the black magnetic strip facing you and the clipped corner on the upper right.

Is Penn Station or Grand Central nicer? ›

Grand Central was first opened in 1913 and is now noted for its grand and beautiful architecture. It is the more popular of the two stations with more people visiting Grand Central. Grand Central was built by the New York Central Railroad but also served the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad.

Are Penn Station and Grand Central connected? ›

No, There is no direct shuttle from Penn Station to Grand Central. If you are at 34th Street/ Penn Station, you can take the 1, 2, or 3 train to 42nd Street-Times Square. Get off at 42nd Street/Times Square. There is a Shuttle “S” from Times Square to Grand Central Station.

What train does Grand Central use? ›

Our Voyager 221 trains

We have two Voyager 221 units, each consisting of five carriages and 276 seats, including our first class carriage at the front of the train.

What is the difference between Grand Central Station and Grand Central Terminal? ›

Common Questions About Grand Central Terminal

The difference is very slight. Grand Central Terminal refers to the MTA Metro North train lines that run into and out of the tracks. GCT is the terminal line, meaning trains stop there and don't run through. Grand Central Station refers to the subway station inside GCT.

Can I use a Penn station ticket at Grand Central? ›

Tickets to Grand Central are the same price as those to Penn Station, Hunterspoint Avenue, or Atlantic Terminal. You can use most tickets for one of these stations to any of them without an additional charge.

Does Amtrak offer senior discounts? ›

Seniors Travel by Train - 10% Off for Passengers 65+ | Amtrak.

How much is the NYC subway fare? ›

There are 472 stations on 25 routes, spread along 665 miles of track. The subway operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Riding the subway is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get around the city. For most riders, the subway fare is $2.90.

How much is the train from Scarsdale to Grand Central? ›

The best way to get from Scarsdale Station to Grand Central Terminal is to train which takes 48 min and costs $8 - $20. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs $1 - $3 and takes 1h 23m.

What is Metro-North Family fare? ›

Ages 5-11: Family Fare allows up to four children (ages 5-11) to travel with each fare paying adult for $1 each way. Ages 12-64: Off-Peak Ten Trip tickets can be shared. These offer a 15% discount on individual tickets.

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