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The Page of Swords represents pride and confidence in adversity. You are finally ready to chase your dreams and do so with fairness and a young heart. Feeling energized, you are standing tall and are proud to do so. A refreshing YES.

Upright Page of Swords – Yes or No?

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Our raring to go Page of Swords is atop a hill. The clouds of storm are approaching, and the wind is gathering, but this Page is in no doubt of her decision to chase her dreams, regardless of what comes her way. She, like you, is delightfully determined to succeed and has ensured her young heart be at the forefront of her journey ahead.

You have been inspired of late to stand up for something. You believe that justice is one of the most important lessons to learn and you act on anything contrary. A change within your soul has led you to wake up, feel rejuvenated, and attack your goals with youthful enthusiasm. And by the looks of it, you are going to achieve all you desire. A promising YES is on the cards, just allow for hiccups along the way. Pages in their youth, are not equipped with as much wisdom as their elder court cards.

Page of Swords Reversed – Yes or No?

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What went wrong, dear soul? Are you experiencing bumps in the road? What has failed you? Maybe plans have crumbled, or too much has got in your way in your fight to success. It seems whatever you do, it isn’t going the way you wanted. Injustice could be all around you and you aren’t in the right frame of mind to stand up for what is right.

I am sad to say too, that in reverse, the Page of Swords can also denote somebody around you being dishonest. Deceit or gossip is certainly circling your perimeters and maybe you already know of this. If you don’t, it is wise to keep your wits about you. It may be who you least expect. In reverse, this is a most likely NO. If it is pulled out alongside the Moon card, even more so but you can reap in better news if you see other court cards upright, this signals your strength to fight back in fairness.

Page of Swords Meaning For Love – Yes or No?

Page of Swords – Yes or No? - ⚜️ Cardarium ⚜️ (3)

Often in love, it’s the little things that cause problems. Petty contentions, unnecessary squabbling are afoot, maybe they have been for some time. If you want to stop these, you do have that power. Sadly, with this Page, there are many ways in which immaturity can wreck havoc in relationships and without intervention, the aftermath of this havoc will become more irreparable.

In searching for a soul, there may be a longer wait than you had hoped. Out there they may be, but for now, they are living their life and you are living yours. One day your paths will cross and the stars will align but for this moment in time, your focus should be on yourself and ways you can care and look after your own heart and mind. A MAYBE is offered here, with hope and prosper.

Page of Swords Reversed Meaning For Love – Yes or No?

Page of Swords – Yes or No? - ⚜️ Cardarium ⚜️ (4)

My knowledge of love is that it holds steady through turbulent times. It forgives the little things and forgets what matters not. Love in this instance for you is potentially deceitful and the Page of Swords in reverse is not your friend. It could be that your soul is finding detrimental ways to describe your relationship to others, without your knowledge or consent.

This is not a nice place for you to be in, and you may feel embarrassed or defensive. These mind games aren’t healthy though, and if you feel or have been told that this is the case, it is time to start defending yourself and working through it. In reverse, this is a more likely NO, but I personally ask you to consider other cards around this in a reading if you wanted further clarification.

Page of Swords Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

Page of Swords – Yes or No? - ⚜️ Cardarium ⚜️ (5)

The Page of Swords is all about honesty. You can be as straight talking you wish, but you might want to remember that this could be your making or your downfall. Sure, it’s great to get your point across, ask what you need to ask, do what you need to do, but what about those repercussions? My offering for you here is that you want to act on this, but do so with caution. Pages are joyous and youthful in their ways, which is gloriously refreshing. Equally they lack the common sense sometimes on when to keep quiet for the good of others or even themselves. I can only offer a MAYBE here. Know your boundaries.

Page of Swords Reversed Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

Page of Swords – Yes or No? - ⚜️ Cardarium ⚜️ (6)

In reverse, the Page of Swords is asking you to take a definite step back. There is too much in your way at this moment in time and what is likely to happen is you will most certainly come stuck. This could be because you don’t actually believe in what you are standing for, or that you simply are not standing confidently tall at all. If are wanting to press ahead, you need to first step out of it and observe. In doing this you can see where you are going wrong and make the changes you need to restart. A more probable NO lies here.

Page of Swords Reconciliation – Yes or No?

Page of Swords – Yes or No? - ⚜️ Cardarium ⚜️ (7)

Well, sweet soul. That all depends on you, doesn’t it? Words can cut like a knife and have the potential to really hurt others. Have you been subjected to that, or more likely, have you been the one to hurt another? I am not here to judge either way, but in you knowing where the fault lies, you can then begin to work towards making it better. Pages can sometimes flit between youth and childishness. It’s worth noting when it’s appropriate to be one or the other. If you can achieve that, you stand in a good light to make this work. I have a MAYBE here for you, because this card is the scales, and you have the weight in your hands. Which way to you want them to tip?

Page of Swords Career – Yes or No?

You are in a position at the moment where you have undertaken a lot of learning. These improvements have put you in good steed for your future but don’t run before you can walk. Pages are keen little souls, and skip merrily on their way to places of excitement. Go at a healthy pace and don’t burn off all your energy at the beginning. There is good promise for pure contentment and I believe you are along the right path here. If I can offer you any words of wisdom, it is to ensure you know all the rules and regulations in your current place of work. A most likely YES for you here.

Page of Swords Interpretation In A Practical Reading – Yes or No?

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The Page of Swords always adds an element of surprise to any practical reading. Here are some of my favourite examples.

“I am in my early 60s and recently divorced. I have always wanted to travel the world. Should I just jump in and do it?”

I feel like the only thing stopping you from doing this is the feeling that you ‘shouldn’t.’ Are you waiting for permission from me, or yourself? We don’t get many chance to seize the day and go for it with a full heart. It is much easier to live with memories than regrets or what ifs. So perhaps its time you sat and really thought about your wishes, and how possible it could be to turn them into reality!

“I feel like I am stuck in the middle of a long standing argument between two friends. How do I play my part in their reconciliation?”

It can be hard to find yourself stuck in the middle of something as complicated as this. You may feel as though you don’t want to side with either party for fear of causing more problems. I feel as though you have draw a card here that works in your favour. You can actually bring about a positive change and even a little progress with healing this rift if you were to act energetically. I think it sounds as though your friends may need your jovial manner around them, as things are seemingly a little serious at the moment.

“I am in the process of setting up a childminding business. I am scared of change. Will this be a promising career for me?”

Pages are known for their youthful ways, and with this holding his sword, determined to succeed, I feel as though the odds of you mimicking this image are very high. You have entered into an occupation that suits you, and you have a lot to offer others. Keep hold of that passion and fire, because starting any business can be hard, but with the right head on your shoulders and the inspiration behind this idea, you are sure to go far!

Page of Swords – Yes or No? - ⚜️ Cardarium ⚜️ (9)

Lady Avalon of The Night

Majesty of the Rivers and Mists

I am Lady Avalon of The Night
A blessed being in disguise
My hair flows freely in the breeze
My guidance helps you feel at ease.

    Page of Swords – Yes or No? - ⚜️ Cardarium ⚜️ (2024)
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