Better Than Plato’s Closet? How Much Does Uptown Cheapskate Pay For Clothes | Fulfilled Merchant (2024)

Better Than Plato’s Closet? How Much Does Uptown Cheapskate Pay For Clothes | Fulfilled Merchant (1)

We have been on a decluttering kick lately. Since our recent experience with selling to Plato’s Closet was quick and pleasant, we wanted to check out selling to similar buy, sell, trade stores. We will go over how much Uptown Cheapskate pays for clothes, what they bought, and how they compared to selling at Plato’s Closet. Let’s take a look.

Selling To Uptown Cheapskate

When you bring your items in, make sure to have a government ID. They will require you to register your full information like a driver’s license, address, phone number, and email. Locations may vary but most Uptown Cheapskate locations do not require an appointment to sell to them. You can call ahead to make sure.

The best times to sell will be during the week if you do not want to wait in line. The evening times before close tend to have a lot more sellers. Uptown Cheapskate may also stop buying about an hour before closing to process everything so make sure that you check out the closing time.

How Much Does Uptown Cheapskate Pay For Your Clothes?

Better Than Plato’s Closet? How Much Does Uptown Cheapskate Pay For Clothes | Fulfilled Merchant (2)

We brought in 14 total items that they ended up taking in eight. We were offered $42 for those eight items. This comes out to an average of $5.25 per item. To give you an idea of the brands they took in, here’s what we sold to Uptown Cheapskate

  1. Nicole Miller sequin dress
  2. Lulu’s shift dress (Brand new)
  3. Millau romper
  4. Lululemon jacket (Old)
  5. Levi’s wedgie jeans (Brand new)
  6. Levi’s skinny jeans
  7. Paige jorts
  8. A pair of white jean shorts

If you choose to take their store credit, they will add 25% to your payout. So for our $42, it was $52.50 in-store credit.

Does Uptown Cheapskate Pay More Than Plato’s Closet?

While the type of item may make a difference, we found that Uptown Cheapskate pays a little more on average than Plato’s Closet. We received $4.90 per item on average from our previous Plato’s Closet trip. Meanwhile, Uptown Cheapskates offered $5.25 per item on average.

Each trip may not be comparing apples to apples since we took different types of items on each trip. However, the general payout for both is very similar.

Is Selling Clothes To Uptown Cheapskate Worth It?

If you’re in a hurry to move out of a place and need to get rid of your clothing quickly, it is absolutely worth it to sell to Uptown Cheapskate and similar buy, trade, sell stores. It is worth getting some cash for what you plan to donate (or throw away) anyways.

If you don’t have time to go to both a buy, trade, sell stores and to a donation center, Uptown Cheapskate will donate that they don’t take on your behalf. It is a great way to ensure that your shoes, clothing, and accessories have a second chance for use.

Better Than Plato’s Closet? How Much Does Uptown Cheapskate Pay For Clothes | Fulfilled Merchant (3)

If you’re looking to sell in order to make money or recoup the money that you’ve paid for your clothing, it is not worth selling to any buy, trade, sell stores, including Uptown Cheapskate.

Selling online on your own at places like Poshmark, Mercari, or Depop is a much better way to make more money. While they take a little more effort to take pictures and list, you will be getting a lot more than an average payout price of $5.25.

Plus Poshmark makes it really easy to sell online by taking care of all the hassle of shipping. They send you a prepaid shipping label straight to your email that you can print out. And you can use any box you have or any envelope or box from the post office (except the ones that say “Express”) and stick your printed shipping label on it.

Poshmark will only take 20% of the selling price, or $2.95 for anything selling below $15. Check here for how to sell on Poshmark. Depop and Mercari’s fees are even lower. And they also offer easy shipping options to ship with them. However, you may need a shipping scale to get the correct weight of your package.

Tips For Selling To Uptown Cheapskate

Better Than Plato’s Closet? How Much Does Uptown Cheapskate Pay For Clothes | Fulfilled Merchant (4)

As with selling anything online or to any buy, sell, trade store, make sure that your clothes are clean and stain-free. You want to present them as the best you can so make sure to lint roll if you have pets, sew up missing buttons, and patch up any rips.

Buy, sell, trade stores like Uptown Cheapskate may have different clientele based on the area that they’re in. So the inventory levels on certain categories may sell out faster, creating more demand. So if your items are not taken by them, try taking them to another store or to another buy, sell, and trade store with different items.

Uptown Cheapskate Versus Plato’s Closet

The selling experience for selling at Uptown Cheapskate is the same as selling to Plato’s Closet. You bring your bag or box in and check in with your government-issued ID. They will take about a half-hour to an hour to sort through everything. Uptown Cheapskate takes in similar brands and types of items as Plato’s Closet.

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However, the Uptown Cheapskate we sold to had better and more expensive brands than Plato’s Closet. We didn’t see any or many of Forever21 or other cheaper brands at Uptown Cheapskate. As we went over earlier, we found that Uptown Cheapskate paid a little more per item on average than Plato’s Closet but not by much.

There are also similar buy, sell trade stores like Uptown Cheapskate and Plato’s Closet, including Buffalo Exchange, Clothes Mentors, and Crossroads. Make sure you check what is available in your area. There are also online consignment stores like ThredUp that you can sell to. Check them out here for $10 off your first purchase.

Better Than Plato’s Closet? How Much Does Uptown Cheapskate Pay For Clothes | Fulfilled Merchant (2024)
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