Baroque Violin Shop Cincinnati Oh (2024)

1. Baroque Violin Shop

  • 1038 W. North Bend Road

  • The Baroque Violin Shop offers professionally set­up, high quality instruments for rent or purchase, at competitive prices.

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3. The Real Deal: Paul Bartel of Cincinnati's Baroque Violin Shop

  • 31 jul 2014 · They operate from a historic two-story brick building in northern Cincinnati, complemented by several large warehouses across the street. Bartel ...

  • Paul Bartel, owner of Cincinnati's Baroque Violin Shop, doesn't actually have an office. In fact, he barely needs a desk. That's because nearly all the time, "I'm at the bench, or out in the schools, recruiting students," Paul said when he spoke to me last week at his shop, Strad in hand.

4. Location - Baroque Violin Shop

5. Baroque Violin Shop - Finneytown, OH - Alignable

  • Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio by Paul J. Bartel the Baroque Violin Shop has grown to accommodate the changing music community by providing services t...

  • Highly Recommended: 8 local business owners recommend Baroque Violin Shop. Visit this page to learn about the business and what locals in Finneytown have to say.

6. Baroque Violin Shop owner Paul Bartel was an enthusiastic ...

  • 31 jul 2019 · The violinist, music educator, owner of the Baroque Violin Shop and founder of the Wyoming Fine Arts Center is remembered by Cincinnati's music ...

  • Paul Bartel was passionate about strings and equally passionate about sharing his love of classical music with students. The violinist, music educator, owner of the Baroque Violin Shop and founder …

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  • 13 Faves for Baroque Violin Shop from neighbors in Cincinnati, OH. Connect with neighborhood businesses on Nextdoor.

8. Baroque Violin Shop, Cincinnati - OH - Map | Roadtrippers

  • Baroque Violin Shop · US · Ohio · Cincinnati. Save.

  • The Baroque Violin Shop is a professional strings specialty shop specializing in high-quality rentals, sales, and repairs.

Baroque Violin Shop Cincinnati Oh (2024)
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