Average Clio Leaks (2024)

1. Clio 1.2 Loosing everything... | ClioSport.net

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  • Looking for a bit of advice...I'm confused :S Girlfriend has a Mk2 Clio 1.2 16v. Recently noticed it was loosing coolant AND oil, told her to keep an eye and top up for a week or so till I could have a good look. The oil is loosing about 0.75 litres over 1000 miles she does every week. It...

2. Renault Clio Problems: Common Faults and Repair Costs

  • In this guide, WhoCanFixMyCar covers the most common Renault Clio problems, discussing overall reliability and repair costs.

3. Clio leaks and Drying a car out - MoneySavingExpert Forum

4. renault clio 51 plate - water leak underneath car - Honest John

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  • renault clio 51 plate - water leak underneath car. hi all ive got a renault clio 1.2 16valve. i noticed its losing water. i jacked the car up and in the middle of the car more closer to the front wheels,theres a plastic cover. i took the cover of and noticed that it is leaking water.but i couldnt determine were from as i was limited to space under the car. im just wondering if the anyone knows if there is any form of water(coolant) pipe around that area.thanks.

5. Renault Clio 2005 | water leak blocked drainage Video

  • Here we have a Renault Clio which has come in for a water leak and has soaking passenger front and passenger rear foot wells it is a common problem due to ...

  • Here we have a Renault Clio which has come in for a water leak and has soaking passenger front and passenger rear foot wells it is a common problem due to the centre drain on the scuttle area being blocked and allowing water to back up and then work its way through gaskets and bulkhead.

6. Renault Clio - Water leak, Renault/RAC unable to find

  • The shocking thing that Renaut UK said to me, Maybe thats normal for a car to use that anount of water which i replied that i had never had to top the coolant ...

  • Renault Clio - Water leak, Renault/RAC unable to find. Bought a Pre Reg Clio a few months back,  2 weeks after buying the car, I checked the car for oil, water etc and noticed that the water reservoir was totally empty, To i topped it up with approx 1 to 2 litres of water, So i thought that the water cant have been checked before i bought the car or that maybe there had been a air lock in the system.  and closed the bonnet and thought nothing more about it.  2 months later, I was driving home and i got a red light telling me to stop due to engine failure hazard with a red light on the water symbol on the display. Luckily i was just half a mile from home, so i was Ok, Checked the water level and i could not see any water in the reservoir, So i phoned my local Renault dealer up and told them about the issue, They told me not to drive the car and to call out the RAC and they also booked the car into the garage to check it over, but i had to wait 3 weeks. The rac came to my home, Unable to find a leak, but told me if i was to drive the car, make sure its only short trips and to monitor the reservoir and top up with tap water when required and to get Renault to check the car ASAP plus for Renault to change the water coolant since i had been using tap water Last Friday i took the car into Renault for 8:30, because it was a 25 miles to the garage, I asked that to check the car while the engine was hot and to give me a time when the car was going...

7. Renault Clio: Common Problems and Solutions | BreakerYard.com

  • Renault Clio Common Problems and Solutions · Startup Error · Bumpy Driving · Weak Accelerator · Engine Rattles When Driving · Noise from wheels · Sunroof ...

  • Startup Error

8. Used Renault Clio - 2013-2019 Reliability & Common Problems

  • 4 mei 2020 · The Clio has been recalled twice over possible issues with how protectors on the brake hoses were fitted. In the worse case scenario this could ...

  • What to look for when buying a Renault Clio 2013 - 2019, covering common problems to check for and overall vehicle reliability.

9. New Renault Clio: the standard-setting versatile city car ...

  • news · Images · videos. Triber. news · Images · videos ... New Renault Clio: the standard-setting versatile city car ushers in a new style ... New Renault Clio: the ...

  • Its new style is even more compelling and elegant, and its chic and distinguished interior is ushering in a new cycle with the first rendering of the brand’s new design language. The new technical front radiates vigour, the light…

Average Clio Leaks (2024)
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